Thursday, January 20, 2011

September 2010-Year in Pics

Looking toward Little Alvord Pasture

Headquarters from Elk Field

A different pair! Pronghorns

Riding along thru the pastures, I ran across all kinds of wild life. However, with my camera hanging on the saddle horn, it was difficult to get it unwound and turned on, and focused in time to catch any of it on 'film'. Several rooster pheasants had flushed out in front of us, but disappeared quickly. I was so excited to sneak up on this one and catch this shot! ....I crept closer...only to find out it is part of a log. I cannot tell a lie. Darn!

A mere shadow of myself.

Falling tree...

The Light in the Darkness

Nothing like a good romp in a mud puddle!
Bruno & Ewe-ness
Curing soaps
The cavvy coming in for saddling

Guarding at 6 months

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