Monday, January 17, 2011

June 2010-Year in Pics

June brings green grass and some warm sun. It is a good time of year, lots of water runs off the mountains and the ranch pastures are irrigated by the fast running streams resulting from the snow melt on top of the 10,000 ft high Steens Mtns above us. There are lots of baby calves by now and branding starts. Birds, deer, antelope and animals of every kind frequent the ranch and there is a promise of life that permeates the air more than any other time of year here. Everything feels new, and clean, and wonderful.

Its finally safe to plant the garden, as the last frost has hopefully already come and gone. The chickens are laying and I get anxious to see the flowers of July color my yard.

Last June our lives were graced by these two little guys. Someone had to come and protect the goats, so these two were hired.

There is time for a good romp, if you don't get lost in the tall stuff.

It's a good time to remember when you feel alone...

that SOMEONE is thinking of you, and you are loved.

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