Sunday, January 16, 2011

May 2010-Year in Pics

Last May brought these two beauties. Knowing I would have to dry my cow up eventually, we decided having a couple of Nubian goats to fill in the gap would be a good idea. The idea of putting them on weed patrol was an appealing thought as well. Best laid plans.

It also brought these two beauties! By May, we had 24 leppies calves to bottle feed, so we enlisted their help.
 ...and found THIS guy, coveting the calf nipple! Ahhh the wonders of Camp Gramma!

 Good thing we have the family size milk wagon!

 Meanwhile, it was reported that the Easter bunny had been seen in California at the Abster's house...

We had quality control testing out the future raspberry 'bed'...

After everyone went home, it was back to just me and Cider doing chores. It seemed pretty lonesome, so...
...we went out in the pasture where the sun was warm and shining, and spent some time with Miss EmmaLou.

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