Thursday, July 7, 2016

Family Reunion

 Heath had a family reunion. His mother and littermate brother came to visit. We were a bit concerned about how 2 intact 15 month old males were going to get along with each other (or not) but we were in luck, they remembered one another and got along fabulously. They tussled and wrestled and played constantly. It was great. These dogs are so gorgeous and their personalities so amazing. It was really neat to spend time with others of Heath's breed and see what they are like. Although, not all have the same qualities.

It was also awesome to get to know their people better. I was amazed at how much we all had in common! It turned out to be just a super weekend for everyone involved as all the things we all loved to do were at hand. I even went riding for the first time in 2 years! My horses even got tired for a change. We celebrated with homemade hot fudge sundaes as well (yes, homemade ice cream, homemade hot fudge, homemade whipped cream, only the nuts were purchases and we forgot to get cherries).

Trying to get a family picture of the 3 dogs was fun and amusing. Getting all 3 to sit still and look the same direction at the same time brought more than a few chuckles....

Mama Pixie spies something that needs to be run out of the yard...

Heath-"It's a bird!"  Leif-"It's a plane!" Pixie-"NO! It's a doggy treat!!!"

Much to their mama's dismay, the boys had a fine time being boys...

Look at those fierce expressions...

Leif meets "Cousin IT"

Leif accommodates Heath "There's a bug on me! Get it off! GET IT OFF!!!!"

More fierce doggy play

Heath lets his "derp" out...

the cavvy is in 

 We had to take the 4 wheeler down into the pasture where the horses were and wrangle them up the lane and into the corral by the barn so we could grab Wimpy and saddle him. Mister was already up at the house.

The horses were playing around while we saddled

The Maremmas waited faithfully, watching the corral for our return to make sure I made it back safely. I love these big white dogs!!!

Anyway, it was a fabulous independence weekend. We are grateful for the sacrifice made on our behalf to birth this great nation and pray that it's greatness is soon restored. There is much more to be grateful for in this life and living here is one of them.

Hope you all had  a good weekend and look forward to the rest of your summer!


  1. Oh my goodness! I have trouble telling Leif and Heath apart. I guess their Mamas can. ;)
    What wonderful news :) You are back in the saddle. Yippee. I hope this is the 1st of many pluses for you this summer.
    Bless you and big hugs to all.

    1. It was so great to ride again. i miss it so very much!

  2. Always happy to read your posts and see pictures.

  3. I loved seeing the family photos! What a fun and wonderful weekend for you and Heath! SO glad you got to ride again!

    1. Thanks Susan! It really was a great weekend!

  4. Hi Petey,

    Found your past blogs on your court case with LDGs and would very much like to have a private conversation with you regarding that. How might I be able to contact you by e-mail or phone? I am in the middle of my own battle and would like to know what county you are in. I too am in Oregon.

    Thanks so much.

    1. It wasn't my court case, it was another LGD owners, but you need to look up the Oregon Right to Farm Laws as it set case precedent for LGD's. Best of Luck to you!!!

    2. Thanks! I am familiar with one in particular in Hood River County but thought maybe you had been involved with another. Sorry for misunderstanding. I am also familiar with Oregon Right to Farm so thanks for the help. Thankfully Oregon has some good things in RTF. If you know of LDG cases, please share. Attorneys and judges tend to look for precedents. Thanks again and best of luck to you.