Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Little Mexi-Can Food


Things have been a little sketchy, but I do what I can, when I can. Heath has been doing a remarkable job as a Service Dog, particularly considering how seldom we go to town, when he has to perform around crowds and in strange places. But he’s been really consistent about being “on” when he has his vest on. He’s getting much more comfortable wearing “boots” which are required when it’s really hot out, as pavement will blister his feet, easily hitting 120 degrees or more on a warm day. He’s even been working for TheMan at home, opening doors for him (and myself, of course) picking up stuff we drop and slowly learning the names of things I need him to bring me when I am not well (blankets, pillow, tv changer, medications). He’s also very attentive and darn good company.

I’ve lately had a hankerin’ for Taco Salads and Burritos and we got a 1/2 beef in the freezer recently, so I canned 10 qts of “Mexi-meat”. I started having the roasts from the front quarter made into stew meat, as I can a lot of it and that way I don’t have to cut it up, or pre cook it. It’s made things a LOT easier. I raw can some of the stew plain, as we heat it up with BBQ sauce for great BBQ Beef Sandwiches. It’s a no-work no-mess meal that way and only takes minutes to prepare. The Mexi-meat, however, is a favorite, adapted from AR’s Charleys Slow Cooker Mexican Meat.

10 qts worth
For canning, I quintupled the recipe. It goes like this:



7 packages of stew meat
5 tsp salt
5 tsp pepper
2-3 diced onions
3 cans of diced chilis
5 tsp cayenne pepper
5 tsp chili powder
5 tsp garlic powder
20 oz of Chipotle Tabasco Sauce (purchased in 1/2 gal on Amazon)

Dump meat in large roasting pan
sprinkle all ingredients on top, then mix well.
Heat in 250 degree oven until warm enough to put in hot jars.
Prepare canning jars, fill with mixture, splitting juice among the jars.
Place in pressure canner and process for 90 minutes per quart.

This is some great and yummy stuff!!

I’m selling half of the breeder rabbits and their cages to make life a little easier. We have a large grinder ordered to process chicken and rabbit to make food for the dogs and hope that will make things easier as well.

Welp, it's killing me to smell this and not partake, so, we're having burritos for dinner! Bon Appetit!


  1. That looks yummy. Enjoy.
    What a great dog Heath is. So glad you have him to help and keep you company. Hugs to all.

  2. Hmm, poor Heath works so hard and the only picture is of him lounging?!
    :-) Glad you have such a reliable service dog. Isn't it nice that on top of being a steady worker he's also just so darn good looking!

  3. That sounds delicious! I love the photo of Heath! He deserves a break now and then. :)

  4. What a reliable service dog, he's so cute in that photo.