Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Scoop on Grit

Herein lies an exercise in writing. A challenge from's 5 minute Friday. About Grit.
Give it a try!

Grit. It has so many definitions. To grit one’s teeth and face a challenge. To have grit, or courage to face the day. Nitty gritty, right down to the basic dirt. Grit on your counter. Dirt. Bag of grit, something chickens use to help digest their food, thus gaining the nutritional value of what they have taken in.
A life without grit would be weak and lukewarm. Without the exercise of difficulty that builds muscles and breaks down the elements of conflict to its basic form, we wouldn’t grow strong. Like the butterfly who must struggle its way out of the cocoon to push the blood to its wings so it can fly, so we must press on. 
Here’s to a life with its share of grit. Grit can bring hominy to your life.  :)


  1. Ah Ha ... YOU have Grit :) Hugs...

  2. Some interesting definitions of grit - I also love the imagery of the butterfly pushing out of its cocoon. Beautiful.

    1. "Grit can bring Hominy to your life."
      That's really good.