Friday, November 11, 2011

A Cry for Freedom

Growing up on a farm or ranch is a blessing few kids get to experience these days.
In an age of single parents, unwed mothers, absentee fathers and the very fabric of the American family under attack and being both demonized and disassembled, these kids get to live within the borders of a close-knit family, mom, dad and siblings living, working, and growing together for their common good.
They are able to absorb the values of their parents and a healthy work ethic as they watch their parents live out and practice what they believe. They don’t fall prey to the insidious ‘peer pressure’ or indoctrination of strangers like most kids.
They spent time outside in the fresh air, watching the everyday miracles most people miss or take for granted, such as the birth of a calf, or the hatching of a chick, or the amazing process of watching a seed become a thriving crop and food on the table. They learn and understand how to nurture these things and appreciate what it takes to provide for their own family as well as countless others along with the charges under their stewardship.

They learn multiple skills such as riding, operating machinery, basic veterinary skills and health, understanding nutrition, as well as how to put in a full day’s work, yet understanding that all things cannot be accomplished in a day and your best is good enough, because tomorrow the work will still be there. These are things that people in the corporate work usually lack and suffer from stress related ailments as a result.
They also learn accountability, responsibility, bookkeeping, finance, salemanship, how to relate to people of all ages and all walks of life. They learn their skills under the watchful eye of a parent, who has their best interest at heart, instead of an employer or instructor. It has been my personal observation that these kids are often much more competent than many adults and seem to develop a greater common sense as well. There is no better teacher than a parent. Our nation was built by men and women who grew up this way.

Fortunately, for those not fortunate enough to be born into such a setting, there is often room for an extra, less fortunate youngster who may be from a local town or even farther away, to come and share of the lessons and lifestyle.
I myself was lucky enough to be one of THOSE kids, who lived in the city but ached for the country life. I was blessed to get a job at a training stable, cleaning stalls, feeding and eventually assisting in the training and campaigning of horses.
My husband learned nearly everything he knows now, at his father’s feet, on their family ranch and there is very little he doesn’t know how to do and do well. In addition to that, he loves what he does and when we have a day off or vacation days, that is what he yearns to do.
Where we live now, young people often come to visit and enjoy working alongside the ranch kids who live here. It’s never for as long as they would like. They love coming and helping out here.
This year the Dept of Labor has passed mandates that would make it illegal for any youngster under 18 to enjoy these experiences. They would be allowed to ride a horse, but never help gather cows with them. They could drive their 4-wheeler off a cliff, but not be allowed to help drive a tractor to put up hay. It would cut them off from any opportunity to develop the self confidence and satisfaction that comes from doing something worthy, from having a healthy outlet for their energy, from being a part of something bigger and more important and fun. From living a dream. They would be confined to menial jobs at McDonalds or some other far less satisfying and healthy pursuit. In the name of “protection” government institutions would rob kids and families of something that has been a basic right, freedom, and a way of life in since before the beginning of our country. 
I guess they believe the best place for our kids is in front of the TV, watching lewd advertisements or sitcoms, playing video games or having sex. It is a totally schizophrenic society. They want the kids to be sexually involved as preteens, activities that in my experienced opinion should be reserved for mature adults, but they want to stunt them as people, as members of society, as skilled or responsible. It makes me really angry. I want my grandkids to have the opportunity to grow up strong, both physically and morally. I want them to be able to enjoy the same things in life that we got to. The government trend is to persecute homeschooling advocates. Soon we will be bound like Germany and some other countries to send our kids out for a government run public education where they are indoctrinated, not taught. This bill mandates that kids who WILL be allowed to work on their family farms cannot do so during school hours. This is a serious over reach into the private life and production of families. I cannot accurately describe how vehemently I am opposed to this. Government has no business controlling and micromanaging peoples lives in a free society.
 I also don’t appreciate them legislating our food. People should have the freedom to choose if they want to buy fresh milk, or products not produced by factory farming or big dairy. Our kids should have the option to participate where they want to, to play cowboy, or live a dream of a waning lifestyle. I want them to know freedom and have the freedom to CHOOSE what they will do. I want parents to have the freedom to raise their kids the way they feel is best. They know best what their children are mature enough and capable of. Kids are not all alike and do not all fit in the same mold.
 I didn’t like the style of Nazi Germany’s interference in the lives of its people and I don’t like what is happening here.
Please help fight for our future. Arm yourself with knowledge of what is being brought before our congress and do your part to contact your representatives and stop the decay of our future.
Thanks, and God bless you,


if there are some inaccuracies due to my lack of mental acuity today, i apologize. The Dept of Labor has instituted these policies. Here is a link to better information. and

We have to try to stay informed and keep things like this from being implemented. I totally understand the desire to protect young people, as there are farm accidents, both with youth and adults, but to paint everything with one broad brush stroke will be debilitating not only to farm families, individual kids, but to the nation as a whole.


  1. Petey - To what bill are you referring? I find all this regulation and intrusion into our lives completely unacceptable. I have contacted my legislators on all of the food bills of which I am aware - but am unfamiliar with the one you described.

  2. Sorry; I was so outraged there, that I didn't tell you how much I enjoyed your post and how fervently I agree with your views. Excellent piece of writing.

  3. Kim, you really need to publish! I would buy everything you wrote! And I totally agree with everything you have said.

    Love ya,


  4. I agree with the others who have posted here - - and if you run for congress - - I'll vote for you!!!

  5. sorry if I missed our target on this. This is the original article i read
    My plea is that we would stay informed and more people would get involved. There is so much being passed right now that we are unaware of until it bites us in the backside.

  6. Petey, I know I'm behind a bit, I've been reading chronologically and just got here today. I am inclined to post a comment after every (!) new blog entry, but I'm tardy (and shy) . However, todays reading lit that old fire in my bosom and reignited the ideas I feel passionately about. I'm a homeschool mom who's boys are graduated, but we homeschooled for the reasons you encompassed, that is, that the govt. already has far to many tentacles embedded in our lives. I appreciate your stance, and wish that I could have been one of those fortunate kids, and especially that my own kids could have grown up that way.
    Thank you Petey.

  7. It is nice to meet you Kristi! I believe its the homeschooling families who are really giving our decaying culture the greatest hope for the future.