Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weather Or Not...

The welcome sunshine started the grass growing. The cows, sheep and goats were enjoying some grazing and playing, the pups soaked up sun and watched their charges. I got the portable greenhouse back up, started some tomato seeds (late) and looked forward to putting the bummer lambs outside to play. I brushed a ton of downy coat off of the pups, wondering just how much they will weigh once they completely shed out their heavy coats.

This morning was brighter than usual. That is due to the reflection from the 3 INCHES OF SNOW WE GOT LAST NIGHT!!!!
            (A picture of depression)
                            (cabin fever causes short tempers)
                                               ("say UNCLE!!!")
I vote that we “PHIRE PAXUTAWNY PHIL!!” That lying groundhog! What did we expect, after all, he is just a rodent. A glorified rat, if you will. I suspect he and Al Gore went to the same Meteorology School. They actually have quite a lot in common.

I don long underwear and heavy socks again, as I look out the window at the falling snow, wondering where and how, we will get more hay for the critters. Dolly and EmmaLou cow are hiding in their shelter, their pathetic winter coats having shed and left a mere Mohawk of soft fuzz down their top lines.
                              (Bruno consoling the kids)

                                ( a bummed out EmmaLou Mae Cow)

‘Tardy’, the leppy, and two of the goat-kids may have to go back inside the barn. Looks like I will have to clean stalls again. I’ll choke down a cup of coffee and prepare for a long day ahead.


  1. Jeez-o-flip..I'm in upstate Western New York,on Canandaigua lake, but I'm almost certain that we're on the same exact line of weather. Will Spring ever get it's mud luscious garden clog in the door? Dunno. But I do know that I love, love , love your blog.
    Thanks a bunch !

  2. I always wanted to live on a lake but I guess I will have to settle for the mud puddles! Thank YOU for stopping by!