Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Good Shepherd

There is some sunshine out today, so I decided to put the lambs outside. Being locked in a dark barn doesn’t seem to be the healthiest place for them. The only boy among them, “Normy”, skinned his back somehow, so I put a little cape on him to protect him from sunburn.

I had to kick the big goats out of their pen, as it has the only shelter and the least amount of electric fence in it. The 5 little, bummer lambs followed me out of the barn, leaping off of the high stoop, (which always gives ME a problem) and we mobbed along, huddled close enough to keep tripping me, for their very first trip. All the while I was trying to recall that nursery rhyme about the lamb at school. I must have been a sight, traipsing along with 5 lambs weaving in and out my legs.

We made it through the back yard and into the corrals, where Bruno stepped up and took charge. He helped me guide them into the pen where he remained with them. Before long they were climbing all over Bruno and following him wherever he walked. Cletus was terribly excited to see them and begged to be let in. He greeted them all, then began horsing around with Bruno, so I had to remove him. He’s just too immature and klutzy, so his job is hanging out with the older critters.

Samby-the-lamby who is enormous compared to these guys at only 3 weeks older, introduced himself through the fence, while his mother ‘Tooney” wagged her head menacingly at them, being her over protective and motherly self, as she always is, unless, of course, food is involved…then Samby is on his own.

Shortly after, Bruno lay down and the lambs were all cuddled up with him.  It was such an illustration of love and faithfulness. There is just no reason for him to attend to these helpless and defenseless little critters and there is no benefit for him to do so. It is simply his nature to protect and nurture them, shepherd them, and do his best to keep them from harm. If it is necessary, he will lay down his life in their defense, as many of his kind before him have done.

It is like seeing a small piece of God placed in the heart of a canine. He said ‘a good shepherd lays down His life for His flock.’ I hope neither Bruno nor Cletus ever have to give their last measure of devotion in the performance of their duty. Like too many of us, the lambs will never fully appreciate what they do for them and I guess that is what separates us from the animals. We can choose to take our great Shepherd for granted, or we can return His love, flawed and fickle as ours may be. It is a beautiful thing to see the lambs run to Bruno for safety and helps me bear in mind where I too, must run when the enemy approaches. I hope I am at least as smart as these lambs and continue to draw near and bask in that warmth and devotion. Right now, one is curled between Bruno’s front paws, resting against his chest while the others are cuddled into his fur. I want to be like that one, resting peacefully in the arms of the Father.

I am so grateful for my own Good Shepherd for having dedicated and sacrificed His life to be my savior, sanctuary and my bridge to Home. It seems that everything I love, points there.

Thanks, Bruno, for the reminder.


  1. What an awesome post. Thank you.

  2. Wow!!! Thank you so much Kim, I needed to read that right now... hugs, JC Prairie Home

  3. Hi,
    I am new to your blog and found you on cook of the week on allrecipes. I really enjoyed this blog about the good shepherd and pray that all of us will reflect on our Good Shepherd and what He did for all of us. Looking forward to reading your other blogs....

  4. Thank you countrygirl.I am in agreement with you! Glad you stopped by