Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Little Break

There was fog in the valley this morning. That is a rare occurrence.

Things are a little crazy right now. I need to have Christmas presents finished and 100 bars of soap wrapped and ready to deliver before Thanksgiving this year. Processing of the cows starts tomorrow, so today is about the only day I have to really get on things. Add to the mix that I am feeding crew right now and had to get some cabins ready for the people that are coming to help.

There just was no way to keep going without a break, so me and the 'boys' went for a walk around the pasture behind the house.

The boys found the "kiddie pool"

There was a very happy cow who serenaded us, as we stopped to rest for a moment.

There was a lot of horseplay going on, as the 'polar bears' practiced their guarding and attack skills...

...poor Cletus. He is always the victim of Bruno's sneak attacks.


...the goats jumped into the 'cereal bowl' in a shocking display of bad manners...

...and of course, Cider made it back with the same toy he left with, an hour earlier.

 We made it back home and it was  'back to the old grind'. But its all worth it, because riding starts again tomorrow.

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