Thursday, November 11, 2010

Amazing Grace

Thanksgiving will be really special this year, and we started early.

They have been processing the cows down at the chutes, and as sometimes happens, one of them flipped herself over and was caught and wedged upside-down. Trying to steady her, one of the triplets reached in thru the panel, while his dad got the big tractor to chain her and pull her out. Not realizing his son was still steadying the chain he pulled the tractor forward. His son was caught under the tire and pinned between the tractor and the metal chute.

Being 110 miles from the nearest small town, a couple of neighbors have wisely qualified as EMT’s and show up in emergency situations such as this. An ambulance was dispatched from town, 2 hours away, and Lifeflight helicopters were called. The helicopter response was that they would not fly in, because the weather yesterday on this side of Oregon was too dangerous to do so. The 911 dispatcher continued to call every helicopter in the state of Oregon until one agreed to risk coming and medivac-ed the 16 year old off of the ranch to a hospital which is 5 hours away by car. The EMTs were fairly certain his pelvis had been broken and warned of possible internal bleeding. He was in tremendous pain.

Work continued on the ranch, but prayers were continually offered up on his behalf. It was 5 hours before we got word. The medical teams were amazed and commented that they have never, ever seen a patient that was run over by a tractor that didn’t, at the very least, have broken bones. The only injuries sustained were deep internal bruising, and he was up and walking on his own. They returned home late last night.

Although there is still an urgency to get the processing done and keep the ranch running on schedule, the experience lent perspective to what is really important, and a glimpse into the way things could have been.

Its comforting to know there is One to thank, for a positive outcome. I think we will be offering our thanks and gratitude for a long time, for the grace in sparing this young man. Sometimes, even tragedy can be used to show us how much we have to be grateful for.


  1. Hi, stumbled across your old blog on AR a couple of months ago and proceeded to track down every blog entry I could find (spread among 3 sites). Now, I pull up this site almost daily to see what charming new story you've decided to relay. :) Love your blog, you're a very talented writer and your pics are fantastic. I'm glad the young man is okay and I hope the remainder of your work goes safely and smoothly!

  2. In the blink of an eye everything can change. What very tense moments they must have been waiting to find out whether a pilot would accept the challenge of getting to the ranch. (grey hair anyone?) Relieved and amazed to read the outcome. Best wishes for the young man's recovery. And thank-you for sharing your story.

  3. thank you both! We are very, very grateful!