Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Real Man

Have no doubt that Randyman is a tough hombre, with many skills.

Its weaning time at the ranch and the 4000 cows and calves tend to be kind of tough on a fence, as they try to get back together again. The cowboys were busy, so Randyman and I took a couple of 4-wheelers and ran the 3 miles down to the processing corrals to check the weaning fence. Scottie came too, as he goes wherever Randyman does. He got tired trying to keep up though, so, as is his habit, he ran in front of the 4-wheeler forcing us to stop, and jumped on the back to hitch a ride. Randyman spent the next couple of hours fixing fence and checking for holes. I didn’t last that long.

Today, Randyman is working on something mechanical. He wandered into the house to show me his finger. He had run it into a ‘chop saw’ that he was cutting pipe with. The wound went clear to the bone. As I gagged a little and cleared my throat, he went and washed it off.

Living 110 miles from the nearest emergency room, and 5 hours from one we would actually GO to if we were dying, I searched around and found the Lidocaine we had around for dehorning goats. I also rounded up the curved needles for stitching leather and suturing. A jar of Nitrofurazone horse medicine, which is anti-bacterial, some vet wrap, Telfa pads and tape, were added to my arsenal.

Upon exiting the bathroom, my ever so brave and handsome knight in shining armor, to the great chagrin of my medical genius, settled for a good bandaging, and headed back to work.



  2. honey bun i sure would go for the bandaging also laughing very loudly here