Sunday, February 21, 2016

To recount a bit from the last post:

My last post was just before Christmas. The boss’ wife had come down to tell me that as a Christmas gift, they were going to have everyone’s carpets cleaned…I declined, because it is winter and with 4 dogs and a mechanic husband along with no back porch, mud is tracked in daily. I said thank you anyway, maybe sometime when they have the carpet cleaner come out in the spring.

We headed to town the next day to pick up parts for the ranch…which didn’t come in, so we had to spend the night. (Town is several hours away, remember. There are no ‘quick trips’) The next day we waited around most of the day and the parts STILL didn’t come in, but TheMan bought us a new couch, which was sorely needed as the pink leather one we’d inherited was not only unsightly, but uncomfortable as well…although the dogs did seem to enjoy it.

A neighbor came and cleaned the house, I caught the boss’ wife and daughter stringing up evergreen boughs and lights across the front of the house along with wreaths on the door and the girls snuck in and put up a fully decorated Christmas tree and some stockings.

The biggest shock was yet to come. Christmas Eve morning, while I was sitting in my PJ’s drinking a cup of coffee, there was a knock at the door. TheMan opened it and in comes the boss’ wife and her 5 grown kids with armloads of gifts to put under the tree. By this time I was completely stymied, wondering WHY they were going so overboard and how I was going to respond in kind…they all chuckled and carried on. I felt something against my leg and assumed it was one of the dogs…then I glanced up and saw my youngest son and his wife standing in the kitchen doorway!!! I have never been so flummoxed in my life. They live a 13 hour drive away and told me in February they couldn’t make it up this year because they had a Hawaii trip offered to them and only get a week off each year. I looked down to see it was my two little granddaughters hanging on my leg, not the dogs, and I was stunned. It was definitely the best Christmas surprise I ever had!

Heath was beside himself with someone to play with. He followed the littlest everywhere throughout the house. Even her older sister, who is not comfortable around dogs, played with him and he would jump up in her chair and smother her with kisses.

It was a great time, the girls and I made sugar cookies while their folks caught up on sleep from driving all night. We had great food and great company and it was the most memorable Christmas I think I have ever had.

Now it’s nearly February. Most of the ewes have lambed. Mr Potamus is beside himself as this is his favorite time of year. He just loves to fawn over the babies. One of the last two that were born has a damaged neck and has to stay inside with us so I can bottlefeed her. Her name is Fugly and Mr Potamus and Heath have been her champions.

I've had seriously bad writer's block, so I am just going to leave with a few pictures...

Sleeping partners. He sleeps too easily. He counts sheep but only has to get to "1"
The downside of having a bottle lamb. They can also use straws and steal your lemonade


  1. So glad to see a post from you. What a wonderful Christmas surprise you had. Your grands will always remember their exciting Christmas with you! And oh my, that little lamb is adorable and your dear dogs are so amazing!!

  2. So good to hear from you!
    Glad that you had such an amazing Christmas. Good luck keeping up with all the new life this spring!

  3. What a truly wonderful Christmas--no wonder you had a hard time knowing where to start! I'm so happy you had that special time. I love the photo of The Man and Fugly--counting sheep, ha ha! I never would have thought a lamb could drink from a straw. You know she's going to be a permanent addition to the family, don't you? :)

  4. Who knew a lamb would/could drink lemonade! WOW that was an amazing Christmas surprise. Unexpected family. :) Love the photos. Those granddaughters sure are growing up fast! And too cute, to boot!