Monday, May 11, 2015

We've Just Begun

It was time for my three month post-op checkup. I put almost 40 eggs in the new incubator, poured in some and water. We made arrangements for someone to fill waters and watch over the milk cow, horse, sheep, chickens, ducks and dogs and packed for our 12 hr. drive down south. We pulled up just in time to see our son and a neighbor talking out front, while his youngest daughter, 3 yr old Kinley was playing with Evelyn, the neighbors 3 yr old daughter. I climbed out of the pickup with my arms open wide and said “Hey there Kinley!!!” Kinley waved and headed for the house, and Evelyn ran up to us and gave us both a hug. Evelyn doesn’t know us so it started us both laughing.

It was the day before Abby P’s 7th birthday and their other grandparents were also down so we could have a little celebration dinner. I picked up the packages we had wrapped and carried them into the house where Abby ran and gave me a hug, and with a big smile said “Are those for me?”
I told her “No, these are for Kinley.” Her smile disappeared, her arms dropped and she politely mumbled “Oh, ok”. 
Laughing, I told her that I must have misread the names, as it was actually HER name on the packages and she skipped over to the wall to place them where her other gifts were piled up. We had a fun evening, Abby was a charmer and we hit the sack early.

Monday was a day for recovery, as the 12 hour drive down is brutal on my auto-immune issues. I’d been running around like a champ the night before, but apparently some little gremlins had snuck in during the night and beaten me and I woke up sore all over.

TheMan’s mom was in the hospital so it was good that we were down and could go to visit her. We spent about 5 hours visiting with her then after hours of alternately standing and sitting, so I was pretty sore for a couple days. The Dr’s office called my daughter in law’s phone to confirm the appt. while she was at work (we gave her number while I was recovering at their home). She in turn called my son, Cody, who was home from work that day, and he told me. I said “Ha! Well, that’s nice. It would have been a real bummer to drive 12-15 hours and have the appt cancelled!’

Ten minutes later, they cancelled my appt.

Making the best of it, I said, “Well at least we got to be here for Abby’s birthday dinner and I get my hair cut tomorrow, because it REALLY needs it.”
Next morning, TheMan went back to the hospital to visit his mom without me, as I was still hurtin’ and promised to remember to get me to my hair appt by 11:00. He pulled up at 11:30. I look like “Cousin It” and have no idea when or where I will be able to get it cut.

We met a daughter and her family for lunch. Their two boys are wild typical boys, but they have it all under control. It was nice to see the bigger brother so affectionate with his little brother! 

We missed getting to see our oldest son and his family as well as our youngest daughter and hers. It's always so hard when we go down there, as it feels like we are constantly running and constantly driving after already driving 12 hr just to get there. It wears me out, but it's so good to see family.

The last night there, we went to dinner with my youngest son and his family, and our ‘honorary son/daughter’ and their kids, at Shogun’s, a Tappenyaki Restaurant. It was SO much FUN!!! Watching the reactions of the kids was priceless. The chef was awesome, TheMan was a terrible catch, allowing 5 shrimp to fall to the floor, Abby was amazed and Kinley was unimpressed. The other 3 kids had been there before, but still enjoyed it immensely. Ryan sat 1/2 on PapaRandy’s chair and 1/2 on mine, so I opted to stand. The kids scarfed up the food and so did I. It was excellent and a great memory.

 Looking unimpressed....

 But the big flames got everyone's attention, as did the flipping of knives like they were 6-guns and all the other fun stuff...

and everyone got a turn at catching food that was thrown at their mouths...this child with the flip top head did well...

TheMan dropped several shrimp before successfully capturing one, and I apparently spent the night looking either horrified, or looking as though I was melting, even though my face hurt from laughing...go figure. I caught all but one shrimp...except I couldn't close my mouth fast enough and they kept bouncing back out. I guess I have rubber teeth...

The eldest of the kids came back with us for 2 weeks. It has been a pleasure, helpful, and entertaining to have her here. She also has given me incentive to keep getting up and getting stronger, on the less painful days, so she's sort of like a physical therapist in a way...or maybe even an emotional therapist since she's much fun to have around and it's hard to be cranky or depressed with her here.

Having not milked SushiMoo since Sept, right after she calved, I wondered if she'd do ok.  Planning to wean her calf finally (at a ripe old 10 mo of age) I opened the back gate and looked at about 15 cows and leppie calves staring my direction. I lifted up a bucket and hollered "Sushiiiii!" At which point the Maremmas went DIRECTLY to her and followed her up and into the corral. I was astounded, both by the fact they knew her name and that she responded to my call. She was a dream to milk, except she wasn't providing much. Since it is a great deal of work and she had to be dried off by June anyway, we only milked a few times then let her dry off so she can go back out with the others and prepare for her next baby.

Meanwhile, the dogs have kept a close eye on our little guest everywhere she goes, within their realm. They stare while she works with the horse and follow her around the pasture to make sure nothing gets pushy with her.

One week down, only one left. We want to make the best of it. We've done lots and hope to do lots more, then she'll head back home to her family and I'll be home again, only not alone. Because next week, right after dropping her off, I will be picking up my new puppy!

It's been quite a year, and it has only just begun.


  1. Nice to hear you're having some fun; sorry to hear you had a cancelled appointment :(
    And can't wait to see pics and hear about the new puppy!

    1. I am terribly excited. This breeder did amazing things with this litter of pups to insure they would be sell adjusted. I can hardly wait!

  2. Sorry to hear about the cancelled appointment and missed hair cut! Argh.... Oh-Well a good reason to go back for more family time! It is good that you have a little helper there and a reason to keep moving each day. Keep improving and smiling.

    1. Oh well. Good thing I am not a fashionista! :)

  3. Despite the frustrating absent doctor, it sounds like you had a marvelous visit. Enjoy your sweet helper while she's there!

  4. life is quite a journey isn't it. i've watched myself grow up midst stumbles and safe passages n seen many friends come and go, who have given me a hand in good times and bad. sometimes I do things right by them n sometimes i don't. every time i come to visit ur blog I find u strong in spirit and faith n remember the good things u gave me. ur never alone...don't evr thing u are. ur never alone...take care...daniel