Sunday, March 29, 2015

March, March, Step in Time

Those clouds have been causing a little grief. The barometric changes have been brutal on my autoimmune disorders and I'm still not back on the medication needed to prevent damage, but I do go in next week and hopefully, all that will be taken care of. It's hard living on the ranch, or ANYwhere, when it hurts and you aren't very mobile. The great news is, my new knee is doing awesome. I walk as though I had done it all my life...which, of course, I have...but being in a wheelchair for so long, caused so much weakness, I can only stand up for a little while and only walk a short distance before having to sit or I will keel over. I'm not quite the epitome of an athlete that I once was, but oh well.

The Maremmas have been great. As Cowboy Roo is now top chicken, he has all but abandoned his flock of sheep to impress the hens. Because he always went out in the big pasture and grazed with the sheep, he feels quite comfortable taking his harem a long way from the henhouse, so Bru and Potamus have had to be extra vigilant making sure no predatory birds can swoop down to snatch one, as well as watch for coyotes, bobcats, cougars and other predators that commonly appear in the pastures...or used to, until the dogs came to work here.

This is Cowboy Roo following his first flock home, last summer.

and now he has his second flock, which is his harem

Roo watching over both of his flocks...

The lower pasture is quite large. The grass is just starting to green  up but the critters are happy to be out anyway. It is so big you cannot see the critters from here. Both big white dogs are by that large creep feeder, the chickens beyond that, the sheep a bit further and the cows at the far end. Yeah, it's a nice size.

I'm looking forward to getting stronger, making soap and baking again. The ducks are finally laying eggs for me and I am anxious to bake something using them as I keep hearing how much loft it brings using duck eggs. Maybe today I can push myself a bit more, although I'm feeling the aftermath of going out to the pasture and doing laundry, but I'll get over it. I've done more than my share of whining since last summer. It's time to put on my big girl pants and jump back into life again.

I'm very excited because at least one of our grandkids will be coming alone to visit for a couple of weeks. She's 11 and a big animal lover so I know she is going to be an enormous help to me. I can hardly wait to go get her. We will get to see at least a few of our other grandkids as well, as I am having my 3 month checkup on the leg when we go. I think the surgeon will be pleasantly surprised at how well I am doing, as there were so many problems and issues with the knee pre-surgery and he kept telling me how hard he had to work on it, but he did an amazing job and I couldn't be happier with it. It straightens, it bends and it holds my weight. It very nearly moves as fast as my other leg so I am beginning to walk like a pro. Pretty soon I hope to be riding as well. I've been unable to use my right hand since October so I cannot lift a saddle or halter Mister, quite yet...but soon, I hope. That is my plan anyway. I also hope to start milking SushiMoo very soon...just as soon as I am sure I can make it to the corral and back every single day, no matter the weather.

I've not  yet done my blog on Cider as it is still hard to think of him without grieving, but I am hoping to have a new puppy by June. I have an English Shepherd puppy reserved, that was just born last week so I am very excited. It will still be a couple of months, but at least I have that to look forward to and I am sure it will keep me busy and entertained, as it grows and learns what I hope to teach him and we hang out together. Until then, I will keep working at getting stronger every day I can and enjoying all the blessings that have been bestowed on me. Here's hoping you all have a fine, fine April!


  1. Good News. :) Happy to hear you are improving day by day. And you will soon have a new puppy companion. Well March was NOT good to us. I am so hoping April will be better. That the weather will finally be warmer. And NO more Family deaths. You are going to have so much fun having the grand daughter to mentor. She is a very lucky girl to get to spend time there. I am already looking forward to your next post. (And the day you get back in the saddle.)

  2. I am so glad you are feeling better!

  3. Congrats on the new puppy - how fun :-)
    Glad to hear the new knee is working out so well - don't over do it!

  4. I'm so thankful about your knee! What an answer to prayer! Now if only you can get back on your meds and get some dry weather so the rest of you feels fine!

  5. So good that you are on the mend with brighter days ahead. And a puppy joining your family - such fun you will have watching your sweet puppy grow this summer.

  6. Sorry the weather has been making things tough for you. They are beautiful clouds however. :)
    That's sounds like a great time having your granddaughter stay with you. She should be an enormous help and good company. Keep up the good healing!

  7. Take care. Regain your strength and have a beautiful Easter with hope in your heart.