Sunday, July 20, 2014

Short N Sweet

Not a lot has been going on. SushiMoo should calve sometime in August and I am hoping I will be up to milking her twice a day and put her calf on a bottle for the most part as I need the milk. EmmaLouMoo will likely go up for sale at that time as I just cannot afford to feed two cows through the winter and I can't budget feeding the copious amounts of supplements Em needs to maintain her weight. We just don't need 7 gallons of milk a day… I'm gonna miss her sweet face though.

There are several fires going again this summer, not terribly unusual as there are often lightening strikes in the summer that start the sagebrush aflame. Most of the ranch is gone fighting fire, with the heavy equipment from here. One night a drunk driver took the boss' semi truck head on. I heard the driver was going close to 100 mph while trying to pass another car. It destroyed the boss' truck but fortunately, the boss was not injured. That's not the case for the driver who hit him however. Please let this be a reminder to all of you, there is no excuse for drinking and driving and nothing is important enough to make risky passings on the road. Life is fragile and can be gone in a second. We are grateful the boss is ok, and that no other innocent person was injured in the wreck. We are very sorry for the driver and his family, for what they must be going through.

TheMan is home, running the pivots and fixing equipment. I'm hoping against hope that he will be able to help me finish the mile of dog fencing as I really need to get the Maremmas back out with the sheep where they belong.

He bought the rest of the cavvy in from across the road...

The ducks are nearly fully feathered now and having a good time playing outside in the grass and water and are slowly getting used to us and the dogs. Bruno has opted to stay outside and keep an eye on them, as something got one of the guineas the other night when the dogs were inside.

Potamus, on the other hand, is an aspiring couch potato and slyly stretches his feet out towards me to let me know he is here and no one is petting him…he thinks that little issue should be amended.

My time has been spent pulling weeds, putting down mulch in the garden, feeding critters when I can, and filling orders. I also made a 'by request' soap. It is a beer soap scrub with Lemongrass&Poppyseed and ground luffa. It should be really nice and will be for sale in the shop in another week or so. Look for it there. Ranch Rustics Handcrafted Soaps


  1. Hoping and praying Sushi does not have the health issues her Mom did and the birth is an easy one.
    The cavvy is Beautiful. They all look so sleek and healthy. I sure hope DH can help you get the fence up so the LGDs can get back outside. Especially before Potomus becomes a true couch potato. My husbands Hunting dog is a pampered pooch and whines and jumps at door to be let back in after a few minutes. Drives me nuts. He still likes to go run and hunt, but is we are home he wants to sit in hubbies lap all eve. ;(

  2. Pots looks so comfortable on his couch but I love the picture of the horses moving through what looks like the yard. They look like the horses here and the ducks look so big. Seems like you got them just a few days ago. That fence will go up sometime and I hope no one gets hurt in the fires. We haven't had many fires in Colorado this year. I had a amazing week and I hope you are doing well. Had to go register this morning. Man I've got to ride the bus again. I hope I can handle it. Blessings...Petey, Lx

    1. Hard to believe summer is almost gone. It seems like it just began. It's always good to hear from you. I've missed seeing you in the room. Glad things are going well and you are having a good time! Hi to all and God bless you Lx!

  3. Thought about you with the fires. Glad that you are at a distance from them. California has had its share of fires here too but so far so good.
    Love the photos. That one of the horses in the yard is beautiful.
    Wish I could buy Emmalou Moo and bring her down here. She would love it here. I would love to have a cow and the milk.
    Take care. C.