Thursday, May 29, 2014

About Traveling...

Most definitely spring has arrived. Weeds are trying to dominate my landscaping and I am determined to make sure my flowers have a fighting chance. I made a purchase a few years ago from a nursery in Colorado. It was the only place I could find an Austrian Copper rose for sale. I am so glad I did. It gives me enormous pleasure to look at it.

My brother in law was here for the first time. I did a bit of cooking, but not much else as it was a rough week. Not much has changed in that department, although I am having a great day today and hope to have another and another...

I’ve got lots of soap cured for summer sales. CucumberMelon, Lemongrass, KiwiLemon and Jasmine, just to name a few. Check out the sales page at RanchRusticSoaps at , or go the store.

Because of the cheatgrass seed heading out, I can’t let the dogs in the sheep’s night pasture until I can get rid of it as they keep getting into it. The horse corral is even worse so they are guarding at night from the yard. Daytime, the sheep are on their own as I have yet to get the radio fence finished. We are having to string almost a mile of wire and I have been incapacitated and TheMan won’t take time to do it so it’s going to be a problem for awhile, I’m afraid. I hope I don’t lose any lambs before I get things straightened out. I had to haul the dogs in to the vet because Mr Potamus got a cheatgrass seed caught in his throat. He doesn't like leaving home anymore than I do. He likes even less getting in a pickup truck. So, we had to take the Potamus Limo.

They didn't like it much. 

We have had to make a couple of trips into Burns this year. The last one, we stopped at Dairy Queen for a to-go bite. Upon leaving town, we discovered they left out half of the order. We turned around, drove all the way back and waited for the second half. Part of that was a large side of onion rings. For this kind of service, some folks think they are worth $15 an hour. I don't think so, Sherlock.

This is the smallest 'large' I ever saw.

But, once again, the good news is that if you have to drive for hours into town, you might as well have views like this along the way. This is heading for the small town West of the ranch, which is really only 2 hours, but it has very few stores so we don't go there often, choosing instead to make it a day and head to Idaho where there is everything we might need in one trip.

It hard to see them in the picture above, but we passed some of the wild horses on the way out. We also passed a herd of antelope, several cows (as it is open range) and 13 snakes on the dirt road!

Yeah. I can do this.


  1. Happy to hear that you had a good day, I hope that turns into a trend for you! The sight of your pups peering through the trailer was a pitiful one, but somewhat amusing too....the only dogs I'm familiar with that have to be hauled in a stock trailer :)
    As usual the glorious views of your landscape made an audible "Ohhh!" escape me. I love that sky and that new grass and those bluffs.
    I have an Austrian Copper rose also, but it struggles and looks nowhere near as gorgeous as yours. Time to move it closer to the regular landscaping (read water) I guess.
    God bless you Kim, this life is a vapor, but you pack it full and fill our cups too. Thanks for being you.

    1. It is so good to hear from you! I was trying to get in touch to say hello, as you have been on my mind and in my prayers. We have been enjoying the CD VERY much on our long treks to town when I can hook up the ipod to the truck speakers! :)

  2. That rose is just beautiful! I wonder how it would do in upstate NY... I don't know how my dogs would take to a ride that long, but my older guy just finds a comfy spot and stays there. Not so, the puppy. Sure wish I was even slightly near you - I would be happy to help you run that wire. Are you still having predator problems? As far as THAT being a large order of onion rings, I guess the regular size would be an onion ring. Singular. Hoping that you have more good days.

    1. I would think the rose would do fine, they are hardy to zone 3. They are totally care free, I don't prune and don't spray, They are an old rose so very disease resistant and hardy. We will always have predator problems because of where we are at, but the cougar has not returned since Bruno ran it off. However, that may change. Since the dogs will be confined to specific areas now due to the damn wolves moving this way, anything that shows up around the compound is free to wreak havoc because the pups won't be there to repel them.

  3. The rose is stunning. I am so glad you have it to enjoy. :)
    That cheat grass sound awful , poor Potomus! (I do love the Limo! LOL)
    Yes the views are lovely. All of the views around you are breathtaking. A very pretty part of the U.S.A.
    I still have quite a few bars from my last order. :) But may tempt myself by looking at the summer soaps.
    I hope and pray you are still having good days. Big Hugs... CAROL DEE

    1. Hope spring has sprung over your way too!! :)

  4. Thirteen snakes... well you broke my record. Hope Mr. Potomus is OK. Haven't heard of cheat grass. Here we have star thistle and it's nasty stuff. It can kill a horse.
    I love that rose though... It's beautiful.
    Long drive for missing onion rings...
    Take care.

  5. It's getting green here too and it still amazes me how vivid it gets in early spring. It's funny about your dogs not getting in the pickup. I have to carry Oliver into any vehicle and its getting where he doesn't tremble anymore but he's got to learn because he's going to be used differently than your dogs. Dev says I might comment about what you wrote. I thought I was. I'm learning from the best on how to train animals, and I don't mean to offend anyone. It's neat that you see wild horses. They tell me there are some out northwest of us but I stay around here most times. I used to say, ovah yondah, but now I say over there. Miss Amy says to try not to lose all my Texan. What do you think? It wasn't a happy place for me. I think Ronald still gives you a large that's large but we go to this place that gives you fresh fries that are greasy and soft and don't taste like crunchable cardboard. You have to lick your entire hand. Yummy. My watcher is laughing. I like my watchers by the way. I cried unexplainably at graduation. There are some steps in life that aren't so fun. Have you ever read the poem by Robert Frost that starts, "Spring's first green is gold." I don't really understand it but its about golden things never staying long. It's June and summer is going too fast. God bless you and we pray for you, Petey...xan

    1. It's a good idea to get Oliver used to going with you. FOr my dogs, it is sort of a good thing though, as no one can steal them. You'd be surprised what people will do, when they travel this far out…or even staying in…I guess I don't have a trusting nature. You make me laugh, I would say you were very much in tune with my writing. It is great to have good mentors for training, your friends and mentors have even greater, more valuable treasure to offer. I think you need to be who are, who you are comfortable being and who God calls you to be. If that means change, then change, if that means hold fast, then hold fast. There will be measures of both in your life. Hopefully you only hold fast to the good parts (wink).
      I like the fries at Red Robin or In N Out. I'm not much of a fast foodie, but I can happily engage in a hamburger and fries from either of those places. Sorry I keep missing you! I hope we connect soon. Keep up the good work and enjoy every drop of your summer! Thanks for taking the time to stop and say hi to me. It always brightens up my day.