Friday, August 17, 2012

Sushi, The Petulant Pet

Sushi has a new green halter

Does this halter make my butt look big??

"I'm bored..."

Let's PLAY, Mom!!!

Hey look, I'm a dog!

Whoopee!! Can't catch me!!

Round and around I go...

Oops! This halter is heavy!

Cletus, will you play with me??


Fine! I'll go play with Bruno!

Bruno, will YOU play with me???

Aww shucks. You guys are no fun.

I'm gonna go play with MOM!

Hey MOM!! Here I COME!!!

Let's play BUTT-HEAD!

...and now...

we'll play AIRBAG!!!

Mom won't play with me anymore...all I did was play airbag and she had a COW!

Doesn't SOMEBODY wanna play??

C'mon Bruno..puh-leeez??? 

Hey! I'll play!! Pick me! Pick me!!

I'm just gonna sit here and wear my new halter. I don't NEED any there!


  1. What a cutie-patootie little Sushi is! :)
    Wow, that is some udder on the goat in that last picture!

    1. That darn goat is just a nightmare to milk, but she gives 2 gallons a day!

  2. Calves are so cute and entertaining! Love the pictures of dear Cletus and Bruno - so tolerant and ever vigilant.

  3. They are truly the most amazing dogs. I've never seen anything like them!

  4. Someone sure would like a calf playmate :-) What a sweetie.

  5. Oh come on now,Sushi,don't get an "tude. It's hard being a calf-a-doodle. All that energy. All that playfulness. I would choose the goat for a playmate. It will keep up with you. Goats always want to play.
    Wonderful photos.
    Hope the fires in your area are dying down. California is getting hard hit too.

  6. I hope they aren't back in your area again! I think this last big one is about half contained, but I think the guys will be on it for a couple more months mopping up. I guess thats good for the ranch, but makes for a solitary Fall for me!

  7. Oh Sweet Sushi, I would play! She is adorable. Bruno looks so *patient* with her. I 2nd the goat. Goats always want to play. :) Her new green halter would look fine with a green skirt !!! LOVE the pouty lip in the last photo.
    Love 'n Hugs....

  8. Aww,vsushi, you have so much energy! I think the goat would be your best bet. He/she looks eager to get into some trouble with you. Maybe while mom isn't looking?

    1. She got in a LOT of trouble when she rammed Mom's bag! LOL

  9. She's a pistol! What a little ball of energy - wonderful pictures.

  10. Oh great! Now I MUST get a calf!! lol She is too cute for words....

    I thought all your goats were of the floppy earred variety... Who is the pretty sundgau at the fence wanting to play with Sushi???

    1. That's Annie. We bought her this year as a replacement milker. I don't need gobs of milk, really, just enough to make soap with, and Priss is such an awful drama queen, not to mention she has such an ugly bag. LOL

  11. Since the first picture you posted of her, I have always loved her little mouth. So cute! Everyone looks happy, happy, happy! Staci, Stubborn Hill Farm

  12. the mouth reminds me of a little fish...Sushi...hmmm