Thursday, January 12, 2012


We no longer have a 6-pack of sheep.

One of my little DorperX ewes lambed early this morning. I had just separated her finally, last nite, so either she was holding out, or I did it just in the nick of time.

We were in eating breakfast,which our friend the chef, fixed for us. We are going into Burns today to take Mr Cider to see the vet, as he hasn't been feeling up to snuff. It was below 20 degrees so this little one plopped into a chilly world. Everything must have gone swimmingly, because she was up, dry and had already suckled. The pups were sooo excited!
I made them stay out of the corral while I went in to see if it was a ram or ewe lamb and check out Mama. Cletus was so desperate to get closer, he went under EmmaLouMoo's corral gate, through 2 pastures and back around to the gate behind the sheep pen so he could get a closer look. He really loves his pets.
There was a bit of a battle between the Maremmas this morning because Cletus really wanted to see her and it's Bruno's job to take care of the newborns and their mamas. He thumped Cletus to remind him.

Cletus reassured EmmaLouMoo that he still loves her too.

Cletus wants to keep her.
I believe we shall call her Rosemary, because I just LOVE rosemary and lamb.


  1. What a cute lamb! And, speaking of cute, that Cletus is the bee's knees!

    1. Oh, this is a wonderful event. She is a beautiful creature and a miracle of the natural world.
      Cletus is being so protective and cute.
      Congratulations! Rosemary is a perfect name.
      The photos are beautiful.

    2. Cletus is a kick. He collects animals, i swear!

  2. Rosemary is BEAUTIFUL. Good Cletus and Bruno , the boys do the job very well. Hugs...

  3. Awwww! I love her adoreable little face, she's almost as cute as a baby goat ;)
    The maremmas fascinate me, I love how they are so intuitive and tuned in to their charges. I hope Cider is doing better.

  4. Your dogs always bring a smile to my face. Hope cider feels better! Susie

  5. Thank you. He is feeling MUCH better today! My dogs make me smile a LOT. It's a great blessing to wake up surrounded by clowns LOL

  6. Glad to hear Cider is feeling better. It's no fun when any of our critters are down. Love the pictures of your new little lamb. I thought your name for her(?) is perfect!