Monday, September 5, 2011

The Value of Teamwork

In case I haven’t mentioned it, my Randyman is also a very handy man. He is also a genius. He can do, fix and make anything. We had a little work day this week and it just really awakened me to how much can be accomplished with a little team work.

I have lots and lots of electric fence up, to contain critters where I need them. They are being pretty good now and its okay to let them in different pastures, so we are taking the fencing down for awhile. Most of it is polystring, which, when you buy it, is wound up all pretty on a little roll, like toilet paper…but then I have to find a small tree branch and wrap it all around and it gets bunched up and tangled up and I get gritchy. (That is a combo word. It’s a combination of grouchy and…witchy. Get used to it.) So HandyRandyMan invented a little tool that helped take care of this problem. He got a drill and fitted a piece of pipe and spool on it. I unhooked all the string from the fences and laid it out. All he had to do was push the button and get it started. Too cool!! 1600 yds of string fit beautifully. It also stores much more nicely than tree branches.

We also have quite a lot of high tensile wire from the old electric fence. Samby the lamby got tangled up in it last month at midnite and I had to unwrap it from around his throat and legs in the dark, with a flashlight. It turned into a big scribble. Randyman let me cut that piece off so I didn’t have to untangle it.

All around me, all day, I saw great teamwork being done.

Cletus had apparently set the alarm clock to go off in the after noon and wake him from his nap. Dogs and chickens working together, helping one another. Now isn’t that what life is all about?

My milk room is still not completed, even though it has gotten to the point that EmmaLouMoo and I can use it. HandyRandyman put up some insulated plywood walls, which are most wonderful! He had a little help from an apprentice….Moose. I didn’t really even guess Moose would be interested in construction. I had visualized him  more in appliances…

As the day progressed, I saw more teamwork.

Cider helped Cletus guard the door to the milkroom

The calves helped Cider find his kong ball

The sheep counted one another until they all fell asleep

And Willy helped me milk  EmmaLouMoo.

If we all practice teamwork and put our best foot forward, together, we can accomplish anything!

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  1. You know what they say - many hands (paws, claws and hooves) make light work!