Monday, June 20, 2011

Looks Like Bull to Me

EmmaLouMae Moo had her first calf tonite. She found a nice little hidey hole in a grove of trees by the spring.

She wasn't due until July 1, and I was hoping she would go late because our milk room is not ready. I have been stressing about the milk room being ready all winter long!

I went to feed a new leppy in the barn and noticed the cows up by the corral fence. I hadn't had a chance to check on Emma and Dolly yet, so I went to check. I didn't see Emma, so I climbed up on the fence so I could see farther. Still no Emma.
I hurried to the house to get Randyman, as I figured she was calving and was afraid she may be in trouble. I can't drive the 4 wheeler by myself, or ride my horse because I tore up my shoulder last nite. Randyman drove and I sat on the front. The pups showed up, and I was pretty sure they knew what was going on. They led us to her. The calf was already dry but couldn't be much more than an hour or two old. Emma had not come out of the bushes to eat or drink because she was being too protective. Cletus and Bruno were very excited and happy to see the new charge, and quietly went and introduced themselves to him, in spite of Emma's protectiveness.

I went and got some molasses water, and Randyman sent #5 to come and help get Emma and the new baby up to the corrals where we can milk her out in the morning. I couldn't have done it without #5. She is the best. She and Cletus brought up the rear, while Bruno and I led the way.

She is a fabulous mama, she has been softly mooing to him for hours and is pleased as punch to let him nurse.

New life is a miracle I never get tired of. I think EmmaLou might make a really great milk cow. Tomorrow will tell us more.


  1. kim that is one of the most prettiest mama's i have ever seen,,what a beautiful baby she had..


  2. Isn't it wonderful when things go smoothly -- even if they are early! Lovely calf and such a beautiful mother. I love Jerseys. Got one myself and I hug her every morning.

  3. The Jersey cow has the best disposition ever! I love mine :)

  4. Mama and baby are beautiful. I'm glad it was an uneventful delivery. Emma Lou and Dolly are very blessed to have a ranch mama to watch over them and their babies.

  5. Awww congrats on the beautiful new baby! Happy to hear all went well & Emma is a good mom. Hope milking goes smoothly!