Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dolly Moo & Emma Lou-Rated R -naked cows

It was a long winter for Dolly and Emma. It was cold, cold, cold.  Dolly spent a good bit of it wearing her "prom dress" to keep warm so we could keep weight on her. Emma did fine. Having their little tent shelter helped a lot too.

Thanks to "Free Willy" Emma should be calving around July 1. She has a cute, perky little bag developing!

They have been out on the large pasture below the corrals for a month or so now, and are getting fat!

And I can't swear to it, but I am suspecting that even though we never caught her in heat...Dolly just MIGHT be in a motherly way herself!! Her baggy bag is not as baggy as it used to be.

And she is getting too big for a lickin'


  1. I've recently come across your blog. I went back and read it from the very beginning. Very interesting life you have.....and a great sense of humour :-)

    Interior of BC

  2. Thanks Beth, and thanks for stopping by! I appreciate the comment!

  3. Found your blog when searching for photos of Jersey cow soon to calve. Judging from your photos and comparing to my "cow girl", I'd now guess she got pregnant her second visit to the bull which would be about 5 weeks from now. Really like your blog and am interested in making soap from my eventual plethora of milk. Thanks for the photos and entertaining reading.

  4. it's nice to 'meet you 'rhozebug'. Thanks for taking the time to stop and say hello. Congratulations on your 'bovine bun in the oven'. I've done a lot, but few things are as rewarding as working with fresh, creamy Jersey milk, making cheeses, soaps and the myriad of other dairy products you can make at home!