Thursday, March 17, 2011

Biding Time

The ranch vet showed up 2 days before the day we expected to leave for Cow Camp, so plans were put on hold while 1900 calves were processed and heifers bangs-vaccinated and tagged.

A compromised immune system and a bug bite while taking Randyman in to emergency in Feb. resulted in a systemic infection for me, compounded by a BAD headcold. Nonetheless, I wanted to ride Tuesday and help process.  I saddled and loaded Wimpy in the trailer and alongside our nephew, helped keep the alley and chute filled. It’s a pretty simple job, as all it requires is pushing a big bunch of calves into the alley, then separating off a few at a time and driving them into the ‘sweep tub’ which helps guide them to the chute where they can be doctored.  It was cold and windy and being on horseback, there is nowhere to duck and get out of the wind.

It began to drizzle. We don’t often get heavy rainfall here on the desert, so I didn’t immediately put my new duster on. The rain kept coming and it was getting colder, my jacket was getting heavier. I noticed my partner was soaked. By the time I could wring out my deerskin gloves, I relented and traded my jacket for the duster which kept me dry but  was NOT warm. I made a mental note to find more layers to take to camp.

The next day I was too sick to help, so I stayed in the house armed with Vicks, Sudafed, and Nyquil. It snowed heavily all day and I felt really bad for everyone who was processing out in the blizzardy conditions. Too guilted to remain idle, I made some mozzarella cheese with the extra goatmilk we had and some cookies for  Randyman. The mozzarella came out so great, I decided to make mozzarella sticks and chicken fingers for dinner. It was real gourmet stuff.

Today the snow is melted and mud has taken its place. Still to sick to ride, I moseyed out to visit the critters. Samby the lamby is filling out nicely. His mother seems to still miss Eweness, so I hope we can find a suitable friend for her soon. The pups have been doing a lot of patrolling in the mornings, then spending the rest of the day either by the critters or the house. Apparently they think there are  intruders near the big pond, because they always show up covered in mud.

bad manners at the cafeteria

Bruno and Cletus returning from predator patrol

Cider has been 'kissing up' to Randyman, cuz he's hoping he'll share his cookies. It's shameful.

Last word is, Cow Camp is postponed to Saturday. I’m still waiting on a call from the doc to see if I can go. I am trying to get some last minute stuff done in the event I can.
Meanwhile, I am glad I got some food made ahead and frozen, so if worse comes to worse and I can’t, they have something to eat out there. Life is often about waiting.


  1. I so enjoy your Blog and envy your life on the ranch! I was raised on a dairy farm in Kansas but that can't compare to the ranch you are on.
    My husband and I raised Nubian goats and had some we milked. They are wonderful animals, beautiful and affectionate. The kids are so much fun. I also love your dogs, the big guardian dogs and sweet Cider!! Look forward to the next blog!!
    Ginny S

  2. Thanks Ginny, its nice to meetcha! I have to say, this is a piece of heaven here, for sure!