Monday, December 20, 2010

Two Days In Pics

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
 The pups slept in this morning. They were on duty last nite.
Super Duper Vaccum Saver
 I love this machine. It keeps our food fresh forever and a day!
Making a cover

The stockings were hung...

Ta  dah!!

A Peeping Dolly, the storm is coming....

Checking heifers

Ranch as far as the eye can see

Old Stage Stop in Background of bull pasture

That was a stage stop for the two week trip from Winnemucca to the ranch. I imagine it took another week and a half to make it to Burns. Its all stacked stone, unfortunately, a range fire burned off most of the roof.
Wrangler Butts....
 We got a flat tire on the gravel road, so Randyman is gonna blow it up with the portable air compressor.
Tire still flat and ranch headquarters is still out of sight

 We only have about 7 miles left to go, to get home and we have filled the tire up twice!
making myself look TALL
 I hate to be unproductive while he is working, as you can see.
In view of ranch headquarters 
Day 2-Puppy Attack!!
It snowed.

nurse calves

where is my snowball????


  1. Enjoyed the story about the kong ball. But what I really liked was the picture of your country kitchen. It reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen years ago. It was always so warm and inviting. Blessings, Linda

  2. Thanks Linda. I love it too, all but the turquoise linoleum that gives me nightmares! LOL I hope you have a great New Year...the whole thing!